Wild Stitching Embroidery Art

Unique Embroidery Art

I love to embroider and through embroidery I want to share the beauty of our world, and how with lots of tiny stitches you can bring a piece of cloth and cotton thread to life.

Each design starts out as an idea or inspiring image which I sketch out and print on to fabric. Then the really fun bit happens through a palette of blues, pinks, purples, corals, black, greys and white I slowly create my version of natures beauty. It takes many hours to complete each one. They are unique, one of a kind pieces of art.

Most of the animals I stitch are endangered or threatened and this scares me so much that one day in my lifetime they could be gone. With that in mind I have decided to donate 10% of each embroidery art sale to a wildlife cause. It's the only way I can do my little bit to help save these beautiful animals. Each piece will detail in the description which charity it supports.

By adopting one of the embroidery pieces in my shop you will not only be supporting my family and me, you will also be helping save the amazing animals we share our planet with.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my embroidery art.

Embroidery Art, Wild Stitching, Elephant

This is an example of one of my Wild Stitching originals inspired by a baby elephant at Chester Zoo.