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Wild Stitching Embroidery Art #Art For Wildlife

Over the last year I've been going on a personal journey to improve my needlework by stitching different animals. I was inspired by the beautiful animals we saw when we visited Chester Zoo and watched their tv programme "The secret life of the zoo".

Chester Zoo is our local zoo, both Andy and I are members so we try to go as often as we can. My health does limit this but with the membership it means we only have to go for a couple of hours if I don't feel like walking around for long. Plus we don't feel like we've lost value for money. A day ticket would work out very expensive for a couple of hours. So if you like visiting Chester Zoo the annual membership is great value for money. I think we even get discount for having joint membership and paying by direct debit.

Chester Zoo uses money from memberships to fund the zoo and it's conservation efforts. A charity close to my own heart.

Back to my journey, I love designing embroidery kits but they are aimed at beginners and at the moment I don't wish to change that. I have long admired anyone who can stitch using thread painting techniques and I felt this was where I wanted to push my own abilities. With my love of animals and desire to try thread painting (or my version of it anyway) I decided to sketch up some different animals and get going with my experiment. I wanted to not just copy my reference photos I wanted to put my spin on it with purples, pinks, corals and blues.

Once I had completed a handful and I was getting really positive feedback on social media. Like most artists I am very self critical of my work so such positive feedback gave me that boost to continue. With that in mind I have now decided to try selling them as one of a kind, unique embroidery art. They are available in my shop as Wild Stitching.

They do look expensive for their size but they have taken hours to complete but what's most important is I have decided to give 10% of each sale to a wildlife conservation programme. Each piece will detail which wildlife fund I am donating too. They come in a gift box with a certificate.

For anyone who loves the images but can't stretch to the original art pieces I am having some cards printed. I received the proofs this week and they are fabulous. I can't wait for them to arrive. As with the embroidery originals I will also be donating 10% of each card sale to wildlife conservation. I know it isn't much but I want to start somewhere by giving something back even if it is just a little. And I want anyone who buys any of my Wild Stitching art that they too are helping do their little bit to saving our precious wildlife.

With all the recent news about how we need to act now and the weather problems we are experiencing across the world I don't feel we can just sit back and do nothing anymore. This is my little bit, I hope you too can join me in helping support wildlife conservation.

Thank you for reading,

Jo, Nog and Pepper x


Wild Stitching Embroidery Art - Art For Wildlife

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