How To Sew A Cushion Cover

cushion cover fox sewing kits tutorial

How to sew a cushion cover

You want to make a cushion cover and don't know where to start, I'm here to help. It's a great project if you want to give sewing a try and you end up with a cushion cover you can use.

I'm using one of my new cushion sewing kits as an example for this tutorial. They are a printed panel so a great starting point but you can use your pre-selected fabric instead.

I sewed it by hand but you can use a sewing machine.

The cushion cover fits a (37cm x 37cm) cushion insert/pad.

Step 1: Cut out the fabric panels so you have 3 separate pieces, the front and 2 back pieces. Iron all the fabric pieces.

The back pieces are 2 different sizes, this is to create the envelope opening on the back.

The back pieces have a dotted line along one edge, fold over the fabric along the dotted line and iron it, shown below.

How to sew a cushion cover step 1

Step 2: Next taking one of the back pieces and your needle and thread (or a sewing machine) stitch just below the folded over edge you created in the previous step. I used a running stitch.

How to sew a cushion cover step 2

 To start go over in the same spot a couple of stitches just to secure your thread.

How to sew a cushion cover step 3

 Adding the stitches, no rush!

How to sew a cushion cover step 4

Step 3: Repeat for the other back piece. These folded and sewn edges will form the envelope opening in the back of the cushion.

How to sew a cushion cover step 5

Step 4: Now take the front cover and lay it down with the right side facing upwards. Next lay the two back pieces over the front piece with right sides together. Lay the larger back piece down first on to the front cover piece and then the smaller back piece, see the photo below.

The sewn and folded edges on the back piece are together.

How to sew a cushion cover

Step 5: You are going to temporary fasten around the edges. I used quilting clips for this step but pins can be used instead.

Pin or clip around the cushion edges

Step 6: Taking your threaded needle and cotton, knot the thread end and start in one of the corners, about 1 cm in from the edge. You can use a sewing machine for this step but I stitched it by hand. To start you can add a couple of stitches in the same spot to secure your stitches, like you did for step 2.

Again I used running stitch for this step.

Sewing around the cushion edge

Sew along the edge, back stitch over where the fabric overlaps. This will reinforce the opening to stop them coming apart.

Repeat for the other 3 sides.

Sew around all 4 edges

Step 7: Next clip the corners by cutting diagonally across the corner. This will ensure nice crisp corners when you turn your cushion cover right side out. It reduces the fabric bulk in the corners.

Clip the cushion corners

Step 8: Turn your cushion cover the right side out, push the corners out with your fingers and pat yourself on the back you've just made a cushion cover.

For nice crisp finish you can now iron it on a low heat.

Turn your cushion cover right side out

Finished back of the cushion cover 

Step 9: To finish add your cushion pad/insert. For this I used a 37cm x 37 cm duck feather filled cushion pad as I like the feel of a firmer pillow.

Add to your sofa and stand back and marvel at what you've just made :-)

Fox cushion cover sewing kit

The reverse of the cushion.

Back of the fox cushion cover sewing kit

If you still have questions about this tutorial please don't hesitate to email me info[at!] 

Happy Stitching!

Jo, Nog and Pepper x

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How to sew a cushion cover

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