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Hello and Welcome to our new embroidery kits shop for Nog Pepper Me!

Here we will have news about new embroidery kits, embroidery products, tutorials, inspiration and articles.

I have been embroidering now for a couple of years and I love the whole creative process from having an idea, to designing the embroidery, picking the threads and stitching the hoop!

The Embroidery Kits!

All my embroidery kits are stitched by myself so I can create full instructions and iron out any issues. Each kit is filled with quality products like the full skeins of DMC or Anchor threads so you don't have to struggle with tangles or breakage and fear of running out of thread. I want each kit to be an enjoyable activity from start to finish. I even include thread bobbins in the kits so that you don't end up with a mass of tangled chaos!

Plus needle threaders to aid with well needle threading.

The embroidery kits come in a cotton project bag, so you can take it anywhere like picking the children up or on the daily commute. No wasted stitching time!

The embroidery designs are printed on to the fabric so there is no need to trace anything. This really helps if you are a beginner to embroidery as you can follow the lines and it will help you become more confident with your stitching in a faster time.

I've added a section for Frequently Asked Questions but if you do have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

Happy Stitching!

Jo, Nog and Pepper xx


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