French Knots! Love them or hate them?

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French knots do you love them or hate them?

I don't have any strong feelings about them but I do feel that they can create a really nice effect on an embroidery design and I do use them regularly in my embroidery kits and patterns.

If you do struggle with them, then I can strongly recommend reading this article, 5 Tips for Successful French Knots - Every Time! on Needlenthread written by Mary Corbet. It goes through the common difficulties we all have with french knots and then gives you 5 tips on how to overcome them.

I have found that it really is practice that helps master them but after reading this article I have started using Tip 4 - Slow Down and it has improved each and everyone of my french knots. I am definitely getting less misshaped ones and haven't had one of those horrible slip knots! So a big thanks to Mary for writing the article, it has really helped me achieve better french knots.

Please read the article and let me know if it helped or not in the comments below?

Happy Stitching or should that be French Knots!

Jo, Nog and Pepper xxx

Here are some links to my kits that use French Knots so you can practice!

Dreams Embroidery Kit

Bees Embroidery Kit

Unicorn Embroidery Kit

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French Knots Love Them or Hate Them

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