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embroidery stem stitch stitch library tutorial

Like backstitch, stem stitch is another great stitch to know. I often use it for stems or for outlines.

Step 1: Bring the needle up at A and then take the needle down at B, missing C. You are going to work left to right but don't pull the thread all the way through. You need to see C.

Stem Stitch 1

Step 2: Leave a loop of thread, I hold this with my left thumb. Bring the needle up at C. Pull the thread through to complete your first stitch.

Stem Stitch 2

Step 3: Take the needle down at D, leave a loop again and then bring the needle up at B. Continue along the line of dots to create what looks like a stem or rope.

Stem Stitch 3

If you have questions about stem stitch please don't hesitate to email me info[at!]nogpepperme.com 

Happy Stitching!

Jo, Nog and Pepper x

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